Patternsy: Where Patterns Come to get some respect


Su & Mark run Patternsy from home in the Lincolnshire village (UK) where Su was born.

Both in our 60's, we have done all sorts in our lives (and retired a couple of times!) before deciding to have one more go at starting a business from scratch.

Su is the fibre specialist - spinner, weaver, knitter, sewist etc (plus handling the accounts). She can also do Mark's jobs.

Mark's specialism is the hardware, production methods and workflow (but he cannot do Su's jobs!)


  • PDF Pattern Printing (inc A4/US Letter reassembly)

  • Colour printing as standard.

  • Patterns rearranged for a single sheet of our wider paper & to minimise waste.

  • Pattern pieces in 2 more of more parts reassembled where possible.

  • Patterns folded to fit C5 envelope (162mm x 229)

  • Shipping Worldwide


Service for Designers

  • No minimum order size

  • Patterns optimised for our 1067mm wide Paper

  • C5 envelope printing (not booklets etc)

  • Free Order fulfillment - ship direct to your customers

  • Pattern Testers - We print and ship to your testers


Probably to prove a point that a highly specialised service can still be relevant.

  • Very personal service. Customers can email, text or call us directly.

  • Specialists - patterns only

  • Colour as standard

  • Ultralight 'proper' pattern paper

  • Wider paper for larger pattern pieces

  • Unlimited length, not fixed sheet sizes.

  • 'Compact Format' for patterns to minimise waste paper.

  • A4 to A0 reassembly

  • Printed toiles. This was actually the original idea but we got distracted!

We trade as 'Patternsy' but our legal company name is 'Samma Ajiva Limited'. 'Samma Ajiva' means 'Right Livelihood', the idea that how we earn our living should not harm others.(Harm: killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, taking intoxicants)