Almost all pattern printers charge a fixed price per sheet, mostly commonly referred to as A0.

The most important point to understand about A0 is that this refers to an internationally agreed fixed size of paper yet you will see 'A0' often used incorrectly in the sewing pattern world so, unfortunately, you may have to double check files yourself to be sure you have the right thing.

A0 sheets are 841mm x 1189mm (33.1 in × 46.8 in), 1 square metre (m²) in area (also equal to 16 x A4 sheets)

Common Misuses of 'A0' When Referring to Sewing Patterns

    • Sheets which are A0 width but longer that 1189mm (sometimes called 'A0 width')
    • Any large sheet size(!). This is just laziness and often is used to mean 'not A4'. These are often also referred to as Copyshop files, another phrase that has no specific meaning.

The other sheet size you may come across for sewing patterns, usually American, is Arch E or Architectural Size E (914mm x 1219mm, 36in x 48in).


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