Tilly & The Buttons: 'Make it Simple' book with 6 new patterns!

Patternsy: all 6 Patterns printed From Your PDFs for Just £24!

No Tracing, No Taping, No Swearing!

Printed on proper Patternsy pattern paper - light, strong, translucent, 1067mm (42 inches) wide

Offer Details: 6 patterns inc worldwide shipping!

Deadline: Midnight Feb 19th

How To:

1) Upload ALL files - All the 8 separate PDF files to this Dropbox link

2) Dropbox will give us your files and your Dropbox email address.

3) We will send an invoice only to that Dropbox email address.

4) You Pay? We Ship!


  • How do I buy the book?
  • Do I have to upload all the patterns to you?
    • Yes! We are only printers we do not sell the pattern PDFs. No patterns? Some patterns missing? No prints!
  • Do I have to get all 6 patterns?
    • For this offer, yes. We can print any individual pattern for you but not in this offer. Go to <Patternsy.com> order form.
  • Can I have more than one copy of the set?
    • You need to ask the designer about their Fair Use policy
  • Can I give you a different email address?
    • No, not with this offer. We are expecting a high volume of orders for this offer and we have to streamline the process.
  • How long do I have to pay?
    • Any time up to the deadline of Midnight Feb 19th. Any unpaid orders will be deleted.

Money Back Guarantee: If you are unhappy about the printing we send you for any reason (or for no reason), return it to us unused for a full refund of the print cost.