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A quick 'how to' before you SHOP...

** This is only an image of what you will see in the store **

This is what you will do:

1. Quantity

We need to know how many pages there are in all your A0 patterns and in all your A4/US letter patterns. If you don't have it, Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software that will let you view your pattern and count the pages. Get it here

Open each of your patterns and add up how many pages there are.

Designers produce their patterns in different formats:

    • Either: all the pages of a single pattern are in one pdf. Examples include Sew Liberated, Made By Rae & Seamwork.

    • Or: each page of a pattern is a separate pdf (and you must check that you upload ALL of the pdfs). Examples include Sew Over It, By Hand London and Tessuti.

Example: Pattern 'A' has 1 pdf containing 3 x A0 pages, pattern 'B' has 2 pdfs each containing 1 x A0 page. Total? 3+2 = 5 x A0. Need an extra copy of pattern 'A'? That's another 3 x A0, new total = 8 x A0. Got it?

Put the total into 'quantity', and click 'Add'. Repeat as needed.

2. Upload

Use the DropBox icon on the shopping page to send your files - it will open a new window/tab/page in your browser. You don't need to log in to DropBox to be able to do this.

Now return to the shop.

3. Add any 'notes about your patterns'

Anything we need to know to print your files? For example:

    • I want two copies of pattern A and one of each of the others

    • I want cup sizes B & C

    • Please leave out page 2

    • If layers are available, please print sizes 8-12

Also, if you have a discount code, please include it here and we will refund you the value when we have checked your files.

You won't be able to see these notes after you leave this page, but they will come through to us. We can't change this, it's part of the shopping cart we are using.

There is another chance to make other comments when you enter your payment info in the checkout process.

4. Checkout

Click on the 'Go To Checkout' button or the bag icon at the top right.

Check your order, you can amend it on this page.

Follow the process of adding your email address, then shipping address, shipping method and credit/debit card details.

Want to add more? Click 'Continue shopping'.