Whoa! How Did I End Up Here??

The Times They Are Changin'................

For the last 2 years, Patternsy has operated on a Post Pay basis, that is, customers send us pattern files, we send an invoice and (hopefully) we get paid then we print and post the order.

Fast forward 18 months and the system (including the human operators) was starting to show the strain and the only way found to increase order processing capacity was to do away with invoicing and move to a Pre Pay system.

'Pre Pay' means that you work out how may A0 pages you are sending, the website calculates the cost, you pay using the PayPal payment link and send us the files using DropBox.

We began by requiring Pre Pay for all new customers and now it is time for our existing customers to join us in the Pre Pay world.

Come & Join Us! <A0.Patternsy.com>

Got Questions? Call, email or use the contact form link above.

Su & Mark