A0 - £2.50 per Sheet

A4 - £0.35 per sheet

Please Note: We print on 1067mm/42in wide 22gsm pattern paper (not old style flimsy tissue!)

We rearrange patterns pieces to fit our wider paper.

  • All Sizes of Patterns
  • Every Designer, Every Brand, Colour or Black Only
  • Worldwide Shipping by Post - Tracking On Request
    • 1 or 2 Patterns
        • UK: £2 - Europe: £3 - USA: £5 - All Others: £5
    • Unlimited Patterns
        • UK: £2 - Europe: £5 - USA: £8 - All Others: £8

Calculating the cost..

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How to send us your patterns and pay for your order:

1. Work out how many pages you want us to print

    • Count all the individual pattern pages in all the PDFs, excluding Instructions pages.
    • 2 PDFs with 2 x pages each, counts as 4 x pages.
    • 4 PDFs with 1 x pages each, counts as 4 x pages
    • If In doubt, take a guess about the number of pages & let us sort it out

2. Put the correct numbers of pages into the calculator

3. Choose the correct postage for where you live from the Postage drop down menu

4. Look at the Total cost - happy? Click the PayPal icon below the Total for a link to pay

    • We charge you in UK currency (GBP) so don't change the currency when you pay!
    • PayPal will do the maths for you and you will be paying in your own currency.
    • Please note - our formal name is Samma Ajiva Limited

5. Return to the calculator and click the DropBox link at the bottom to send us your files.

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