We are now spending more than 25% of our time

handling enquiries & sadly that means we are no closer to

being able to invite more people back.


• We will invite existing customers back when we can

• We Think it is very unlikely that we will be open to new customers any time soon (if ever)

• We are working on dedicated channels for certain pattern brands such as Sew Liberated and (of course!) Colette/Seamwork & for services such as A4 reassembly & printing. These will be open to all.


We cannot make any progress unless we get more Quiet time.


We are open for business again but only for established customers by invitation Only.

Why? So we can have more control over the flow of work coming in which will ensure that our service is always of the highest quality.We do not expect to be accepting new customers soon and we are not keeping a list of people who want to be notified.However, some of our premium services, such as A4 re-assembly/printing & printing selective layers of a pattern will be split off from the main business at some point and be open to all.We will also continue to support some of the great designers we collaborate with from time to time such as Colette/Seamwork, Sew Liberated and others