A0 - £2.50 per Sheet

A4 - £0.35 per sheet

  • All Sizes of Patterns

  • Every Designer & Brand, Colour or Black Only

  • Flat Rate Shipping Worldwide by untracked Mail:

    • UK: £2 - Europe - £5 - USA: £8 - All Others: £8

  • Tracking upgrade available

Please Note:

  • We print on our own 1067mm/42in wide 22gsm strong, translucent Patternsy paper (not old style flimsy tissue!)

  • We rearrange patterns pieces to fit our wider paper.

Patternsy is Just Su & Mark, with no assistants or helpers, elves or lackeys. Some days are a bit hectic but we will always answer every email/text/post/DM as soon as we can.